Vytech Solutions - About

What we do

Vytech is an inventory management systems provider, offering bespoke design services tailored to specific industry and business requirements. Our team has worked in virtually every production, engineering, manufacturing and maintenance sector, completing projects for many different organisations.

Today, Vytech leads the way in providing cutting edge automated vending control systems, while also providing the latest and best RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) inventory control and tracking solutions - from the smallest critical spare part, to the largest fixed asset, Vytech provides the products and services to manage inventory and asset requirements in the 21st century.

Vytech’s central focus is to provide organisations with proven systems and processes that dramatically reduce waste. Through fine control and accurate management of inventory and assets, we have a proven track record of considerably increasing company profits and productivity. With revolutionary hardware and software systems installed over the last five years in the UK (in addition to new products currently in development), Vytech can offer the most current solutions for managing and controlling all direct and indirect spend on inventory and assets.

There are many organisations who have seen tangible benefits by implementing inventory management technology. Vytech has raised the bar by pooling the best methodologies and processes from multiple industries and coalescing them into one, centralized, cohesive solution that is flexible enough to work to even the toughest partner requirements.

We deliver efficiency through:

  • Greater visibility of inventory and assets (globally)
  • Ensuring process and system compliance
  • Positive operator acceptance and system usability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased inventory availability
  • Minimal system running costs